7 Surprising (and Miraculous) Benefits of Honey

7 Surprising (and Miraculous) Benefits of Honey
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Honey is one of the best things ever to happen to our taste buds. It’s also one of the most amazing contributions to our health. So the next time you see a bee, don’t try and hug it, but do send your appreciation from afar.

Why? Because honey is not only something to sweeten your coffee or oatmeal with. In many ways honey is a truly surprising and extremely miraculous food that can do wonderful things for your health!

1. It's a natural cough suppressant

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Due to the high concentration of antibacterial properties in honey and the fact that it’s thick enough to effectively coat your throat, it’s a surefire remedy if your throat is sore or if you have a cough that needs to be suppressed. You can make honey all the more effective by adding pepper or lemon to cut up some of the mucus and congestion. You can find a few really good natural cough syrup recipes with honey in them here.

2. It relieves allergies

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There are actually still studies that are being conducted as it relates to how honey helps allergies, but this is what we know for now. It does have anti-inflammatory properties in it that can soothe your nasal membranes. Also, the bee pollen that’s found in honey can sometimes make you more resistant to outside allergens.

3. It helps to heal wounds and burns

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Something else that honey does? It helps to fight bacteria, including the kind that could develop in a wound or burn. There was actually a study which revealed that with the application of unprocessed honey, 80 percent of wounds and leg ulcers were able to heal much quicker. You can read more about how honey heals here.

4. It clears your skin

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Do you have acne-prone skin? Don’t spend a ton of bucks at your local drugstore. Instead, apply a honey mask to it. All you need to do is mix together some raw honey with some cinnamon once a week to pull impurities out of your skin and also to moisturize it. Honey is also wonderful for dry skin, sensitive skin and acne scars. You can find honey recipes for your face here.

5. It improves athletic performance

Source: Medical Daily

It’s not surprising that a lot of athletes also rely on honey. Honey has 17 grams of carbs for each teaspoon, therefore it’s one of the most natural, delightful, and proven ways to give yourself an energy boost.

6. It decreases the appearance of dandruff

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Dry skin. Scalp irritation. Even yeast can lead to dandruff problems. Thankfully honey is a cure for that too. If you apply two parts honey to one part warm water to a clean scalp, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with warm water every time you wash your hair, you should see less scaling and feel a lot less itching in a couple of weeks.

7. It deep conditions your hair

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Hair that’s damaged needs some honey on it as soon as possible! It has a truly magical way of moisturizing dry hair and applying a myriad of nutrients to your hair’s follicles. If you add some apple cider vinegar into the mix, it will make your hair super shiny too. (Read up on some recipes here.)

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