8 Astrology Themed Jewelry Pieces You Didn't Know You Wanted

8 Astrology Themed Jewelry Pieces You Didn't Know You Wanted
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Whether you have a love for astrology you just can't hide, you're super proud of your astrological sign, or you just really want to wear something to do with astrology, there's a subtle way to show off your astrological interests -- jewelry! You can wear your own sign and show off your personality in a subtle way or wear someone else's sign as a reminder or tribute! From earrings to necklaces to bracelets, there's a jewelry piece for your sign and everyone else's, which not only looks cute but works as a great conversation starter! Plus, some pieces will even incorporate your birthstone with your astrological sign for an extra chic and classy look, or just the regular pearls and diamonds to make it a staple in your wardrobe (or your jewelry armoire, as the case may be). Here are 8 favorite pieces you'll want to buy right away!

This chic necklace is a smooth way to symbolize Aquarius -- instead of the typical water-bearer symbol, it's the whole constellation, subtly indicating your astrological sign! Available on Etsy

These gorgeous gold lockets are a subtle way to express your individual sign. They're available for each of the 12 signs and all of them display symbols for their respective sign! Available on Etsy

For the lucky Leos in your life, these are some cute but gender-neutral stud earrings that are great for daily wear! Available through Sears

This gorgeous pendant is sure to turn heads with its shimmery, quality gold design, jewel-lining and leather cord. This pendant is also available for all signs on Etsy!

These edgy astrology necklaces from Urban Outfitters are great for astrology-lovers who like to make strong fashion statements! Available on Urban Outfitters

Influenced by rosaries, these pendant chains are exactly the kind of jewelry you'd want to wear to a music festival or with a bohemian, summery ensemble! Available on Free People

These cute, simple bracelets are a great way to casually add your astrology interest into your wardrobe! Available on Etsy

For Sagittarius, this chunky black ring is a great way to showcase your individual, edgy style and at the same time, a great way to display your Sagittarius pride. Available on Etsy

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