8 Best Friend Date Ideas for Winter

8 Best Friend Date Ideas for Winter

Winter can be brutal. The lack of sunshine can leave you not only cold, but also sad. Seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), a mood disorder caused by many aspects of winter months, affects 3 million Americans a year. If you’re feeling this yourself, don’t worry! There are many ways to treat it. One way is getting out and doing fun things. Give your Vitamin D deficiency a kick in the pants by scheduling a friend date with your bestie. One-on-one time with your favorite person will lift your spirits and give you memories for years to come. The following ideas are awesome ways to get yourself on your feet, out of the house, and laughing your heart out with someone you love.

1. An intellectual day at the museum

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Head to a local museum to spend the day gazing at gorgeous paintings, sculptures, and installations. Challenge yourselves by finding a piece that reminds you of your bestie. Take a picture of her next to it!

2. A fun photoshoot

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Dress up in your cutest winter outfits and head to a gorgeous spot to take pictures of each other. Take turns being the model and being the photographer. You'll bond and get cute pics for Instagram!

3. A hot chocolate party

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If you’re looking to spend the night in front of a toasty fire, why not make some hot chocolate to go with it? Change up your hot cocoa game by adding candy canes, caramel, different flavors of marshmallows, or whatever your heart desires.

4. A blissful spa day


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Book massages at a spa to get your relaxation on! If you live near a Korean spa, you can spend a whole day lounging in saunas, hot rooms, and hot tubs for an ultimate detox that is super affordable.

5. A wholesome night of skating

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The classic winter date, friend or otherwise. Strap on ice skates and keep each other from falling while little kids zoom past you with abandon.

6. A chill Netflix marathon

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Another indoor date for days that may be too cold. Build a blanket fort for maximum comfy-ness as you marathon rom-coms, Gilmore Girls, or Pretty Little Liars!

7. An exciting basketball game

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Even if you aren’t huge sports fans, a basketball game is a fun way to get out of the cold for a few hours. Pick a team to root for and take advantage of the arena’s junk food vendors.

8. An adventurous karaoke night

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If you two are feeling brave, find a karaoke bar to belt out your favorite songs. You can even try a duet if you’re both ready to take on the crowd or are a bit nervous!

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