8 Tips For Throwing A Last Minute Party

Last Minute Party Ideas, Floral Arrangements, Party Playlist

Planning a party on the fly is actually easier (and less expensive) than you might think. All you really need is some food, music and your friends, to constitute a party, right? These tips will help take your get together from a bag of chips and your iPod to a legit party that only appears to have taken a lot more time to put together.

Easy Hors D'oeuvres

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You don't need to have Martha Stewart skills to come up with a variety of fun and easy to make party snacks. I love these Greek Salad Skewers because they're colorful, inexpensive to make and pretty healthy. That's not to say you shouldn't also have something salty, sweet and delicious at your soiree also--this is a party after all!

Inexpensive and Easy Floral Arrangements

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Fresh flowers are the perfect solution to your last minute party decor, but buying a ton of them can really add up. Instead, buy one or two pre-made floral arrangements from your grocery store and separate out the flowers by type or color and stick them into smaller vases, bottles or mason jars and spread them throughout the house. So easy, so pretty, and a decoration you won't have to take down when the party is over.

Mood Lighting


How gorgeous is this?? Set the mood at your party with these super pretty DIY "Fairy Light" jars. All you need is some LED christmas lights and a few mason jars. The lights add just as much drama as candles and can be placed on the floor, tables, bathroom-- where ever!

Create An Easy Party Playlist


If you don't have time to create a playlist out of the 15,000 songs on your iTunes, hit up Spotify for any one of their hundreds of pre-made playlists. They have mixes for every occasion which will take away the stress of having to play DJ all night.

Upgrade Your Ice Cubes


Using frozen fruit in place of ice cubes is such a cute way add a fun pop of color to any kind of drink you're serving.

Set Up A Taco Bar

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Want to feed your guests something more substantial? Set up a taco bar for guests to create their own tacos--everybody loves tacos, right?

Make Your Own Photo Booth Backdrop

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Photo booths are still majorly popular at weddings and parties alike-- there's always a line of people waiting to get their picture taken. It's a fun way to make your party a little more memorable. You don't need to hire a mobile booth because you can totally create your own on the cheap! The creative possibilties are endless, I checked--because there are literally like a hundred Pinterest boards dedicated to party backdrops. This DIY Photo Booth is made from hanging strands of crepe paper in varying colors.

Not Your Average Cupcake Platter

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Say it with me now: Cupcake. Fondue. The dessert game has officially been changed. You don't even really need a fondue pot to recreate this amazing party dessert idea. Just set up a station for guests to select from different frostings and sprinkles and voila--all you had to do was bake the cupcakes!

What are some of your last minute party tips? Tell us in the comments below and join the conversation all month on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by sharing your thoughts by using #makeithappenmay =) See you soon guys and keep kicking butt!

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