8 Yoga Poses You Can Do In Bed

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do In Bed

Doing yoga every day sounds magical, amazing, peaceful, restorative…and completely not an option. Who has the time? Between kids and work there is never enough time. Ever. That’s where a little bed-yoga comes in to play. Your bed is a sanctuary. It’s where your body and mind take time to rejuvenate. These yoga poses are relaxing, detoxifying and they’ll even help you sleep a little more soundly since you can do them all between the sheets before closing your eyes. Before you know you it you’ll be finding an excuse to hit the hay early so you can get in some Namas’tay-in-bed time.

1. Happy Baby

Photo Source: Love My Yoga

Lie back, grab your toes and channel your inner child. This pose helps relive tension in your back and strengthens your hips...an area we all need a little help with since so many of us spend so much time sitting at a desk.

2. Knees to Chest

Photo Source: Yoga Journal

Hug your knees into your chest for an incredible stress reliever for your lower back. This pose can help ease low back pain in a flash.

3. Reclining Twist

Photo Source: Oxygen Magazine

Take your lower-back-love one step further with a reclining twist. Not only does this pose aide in easing tightness in your lower back, twisting poses are incredibly detoxifying for your mind and body. Make sure you complete the twist on both sides.

4. Butterfly

Photo Source: Pop Sugar

You will have to sit up for this one but don't worry, it's totally worth it. This forward fold will open up your hips, releasing all that tension from sitting all day, which is something most of us have to deal with.

5. Leg Up The Wall

Photo Source: http://www.doyouyoga.com/5-health-benefits-legs-wall-posture/Do You Yoga

Lay with your feet up the wall/headboard at the head of your bed. Feel free to put a pillow under your lower back if the sensation is a little too much. This pose gets the blood flowing in a different direction and is great for relieving tension in your legs and feet.

6. Pigeon Pose

Photo Source: Yoga.com

Pigeon is an intense stretch for your hips and hamstrings but it's oh-so-glorious. Don't worry about getting your hip all the way to the ground. You can always throw your pillow under your knee to add some extra cushion.

7. Child’s Pose

Photo Source: Pop Sugar

A super relaxing forward fold. After completing all the aforementioned poses, child's pose is a nice way to wind your body back down and get back to neutral.

8. Reclining Goddess

Time to lay back down on your back for some final relaxation. Feel free to lay on your pillow or put pillows under your knees if you can't reach them comfortably to the bed. This hip and groin opener is great preparation for bed-time-savasana aka: dreamland.

Do you have a before bed ritual that gets you ready for sleep?

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