Beat the Winter Blues: Cold Weather Beauty Tricks

Beat the Winter Blues: Cold Weather Beauty Tricks

Winter can really suck the life out of anyone. This season is known for making your skin unbearably dry, and your hair a little frizzy and lifeless, among other problems. It’s cold and dark and once the holidays are over, you can’t help but start looking forward to spring when the air will be warm again and the sun will brighten you up! But you really don’t have to let those winter blues get you down, because there are ways to tackle those beauty woes that strike when it’s cold.

Winter Woe #1: Dry Skin

Problem: When it’s cold outside, people tend to take longer, hotter showers. That combined with the already frigid weather makes skin extra dry.

Solution: Apply more lotion during the winter, especially on your arms and legs. These parts of the body have less oil glands, so they’re more prone to that dryness. Take a milk bath! Add two cups of milk to a warm bath and soak for fifteen minutes. Once out, slather that skin with your preferred body cream.

Winter Woe #2: Lackluster Hair

Problem: Have you ever noticed how during the winter your hair is a lot drier, and way more prone to static electricity? This can be so annoying to deal with! But you don’t need to let your hair stay winter worn all season long.

Solution: Up your conditioner use during this time, and, if you don’t have a favorite one already, get one that has silicone in it. Silicone helps seal in the moisture and leaves your hair soft and silky.

Image: TopHair

Winter Woe #3: Dull Complexion

Problem: When your skin is dehydrated, the circulation in your face slows down. This creates a buildup of dead skin cells, which don’t glow and shine like fresh, new skin does.

Solution: Fight this by staying extra hydrated. Drink more water and eat more omega-3s. These essential fatty acids are super hydrating and are found in salmon and walnuts. Also up the ante on your moisturizing routine! Find a cream or a balm for your face, rather than just a lotion.

Winter Woe #4: Chapped Lips

Problem: Just like all the other parts of your body, the skin on your lips will be very affected by winter weather.

Solution: Avoid licking your lips in an attempt to hydrate them. Doing so removes the natural oils. If it gets really bad, start with a lip scrub to exfoliate the dry skin, then apply a lip balm, preferably one that includes an all-natural ingredient like beeswax. This will help trap in the moisture.

Image: Anthropologie

Winter Woe #5: Cracked Cuticles

Problem: The sensitive skin on your hands gets super affected by the dry, winter weather.

Solution: Avoid those cracked cuticles and severely dry hands by remembering to use hand cream. And remember to wear mittens! This will help prevent the dryness because you won’t be directly exposing your hands to the cold air outside. If you’re suffering really badly, moisturize your hands inside a set of gloves or mittens overnight while you’re sleeping. You’ll wake up with super soft hands.

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