Best Gifts for an Aquarius

Best Gifts for an Aquarius
Sulky Vintage on Etsy

A typical Aquarius is funny, social, compassionate, and adventurous. They love to explore their environment, learn anything they can, and try whatever is new or unique. They’re fascinated by nature, history, space, the mystical, and technology. When giving a gift to an Aquarius, make sure you keep their personality in mind and pick out something with sincerity—they’ll know if it’s not genuine.

If you still can’t think of something for the Aquarians in your life, here are 8 ideas they’ll be over the moon for.

Handmade Crystal Necklace

Find at GardenOfSypria on Etsy

Not only is this necklace (or others like it) totally beautiful, it’ll speak to an Aquarius’ passion for the mystic and interest in crystal healing. Include a handwritten note about the properties of the specific crystal.

Unique Aquarius Artwork

Find at BohemianInkStudios on Etsy

They dare to be different and love having anything one-of-a-kind. This handprinted watercolor creation that celebrates their sign will immediately be going up on their wall.

Donation to a Charity in Their Name

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Your Aquarius friend is super compassionate and wants to help the world. Show that you know they care (and that you care, too!) and make a donation to a worthy cause in their name. Write all about the charity you chose in their birthday card.

Book on an Alternative Therapy Session

Find at Amazon

Because they like learning anything new they can get their hands on, pick out a book on some alternative therapy! Aromatherapy, acupuncture, crystal healing, astrology, feng shui. It doesn't matter what, as long as they can discover an entirely new world of knowledge.

Tarot Card Reading

Find at SulkyVintage on Etsy

Their fascination with the mystic and anything magical will make them love this thoughtful gift. They’ll love it even more if you go with them to try it out too.

On Trend, Chic Apparel

Find at Anthropologie

An Aquarius loves to be in style. This '60s inspired boho dress is on trend and will perfectly compliment their carefree spirit.

Name a Super Nova After Them

Find at Star Register

Do better than naming a star after your Aquarius friend—name a Super Nova! This official star naming organization will send you an entire gift box with the certificate of authenticity and lots of information about space.

Take them on a Museum Adventure

Find out more at The Getty

They will never say no to an adventure, especially if it means learning about art and spending time with a friend. Find a local museum and spend the day with them. It’ll be a time to remember.

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