Can Celebs Handle These Questions I Want Andy Cohen To Use "For Plead The Fifth"?

Can Celebs Handle These Questions I Want Andy Cohen To Use "For Plead The Fifth"?

One of my all-time favorite "Watch What Happens: Live" segments is Plead the Fifth. Host Andy Cohen asks his celebrity guests 3 questions, and they must honestly answer 2 of the 3 quite personal inquiries. Here's an example starring our favorite boo, Miss NeNe:

I've been dreaming up some SUPER scandalous questions I want Andy to ask. Here are a few of them...

1. For Taylor Swift: Who, out of the many famous men you've dated, was the best in bed?

2. For Ben Affleck: Did you sleep with the nanny?

3. For Kelly Clarkson: Marry/F*ck/Kill - Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell?

4. For Kanye West: Did Amber rose actually put a finger up your bum? And, as a followup: Does Kim do that as well?

5. For Beyoncé: Who is Becky-with-the-good-hair?

6. For Alexander Skarsgård: Do you get a boner when you look at yourself in the mirror?

7. For Jay-Z: How the @$%! could you do that to Beyoncé?!

8. For Liam Hemsworth: Who would win in a fight: You or your brother, Chris?

9. For Rihanna: How many umbrellas do you have?

10. For Leonardo DiCaprio: Why can't you and Kate Winslet just get married already?

11. For Angelina Jolie: What's it like to be one of the most beautiful and talented actors in the world?

12. For Daniel Radcliffe: How big are you compared to your wand?

13. For Megan Fox: Are you ever going to make a good movie?

14. For Keanu Reeves: Are you still relevant?

15. For Emma Watson: Would you marry me? (Andy would say he's asking for a friend. I'm that friend.)

16. For Chris Pratt: Would you also marry me? (Again, Andy's asking for a friend that is me.)

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