Comfiest Outfit Ever! A Grown-Up Onesie You Can Actually Wear Out

Comfiest Outfit Ever! A Grown-Up Onesie You Can Actually Wear Out

So often, you don't want to get out of bed and the idea of putting on clothes is truly horrifying. But, you're trying to be an adult, at least sort of, and you know that straight up pajamas are not an option for out-of-house wear.

Well, guess what? Sweat suit onesies are real and they're making our dreams come true.

We're not talking about footie pajamas or onesies with cats all over them. (Though if you want to rock that in public, we will not judge). There's a range of onesies that go from funny and weird to totally wearable. Plus, your friends will be super jealous that you're feeling so comfortable while looking cute as hell.

Celebrities are boarding the onesie train in droves. Rihanna was seen hanging out and working on music while sporting a striped number. Though it looks like old school pajamas, Rihanna could easily wear that out on the town and look amazing. (But it's hard to think of an outfit she wouldn't look amazing in).

Beyonce frolicked in the snow while wearing Nordic inspired Jersey onesie. 

The best apart about this, other than the fact that it's adorable that Beyonce loves to play in the snow, is you can get yourself a super similar one piece on Amazon for under $40

Now, you could say you dress like Beyonce and not be a complete liar.

Onesies aren't just for the ladies, but there's a lot of options for men, too. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend continue to win the best couple of all time award when they posted a twin one piece pic to Instagram.

How does Chrissy make the KFC logo look amazing? Their bold onesies may have silly patterns, but they actually look pretty cool. Plus, you can show your guy that true love doesn't look like uncomfortable lingerie, but matching fried chicken based onesies.

If wearing fast food is a little much, there are plenty of onesies you could wear to the store without any second looks. Amazon has single colored poly/cotton one pieces for under $20!

Put a belt on that and no one will realize you're basically wearing your PJ's all day.

It's exciting that there's finally a celebrity look that's affordable and looks good on everybody. You don't have to look like Beyonce to kill it in the onesie game. You can happily join her in the ranks of girls looking awesome while being comfy as can be.

When yoga pants and leggings start to feel like too much hassle, bust out the onesie. You'll not only be the coziest girl in town, you'll be on the cutting edge of a celebrity trend!

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