That'll Teach Him!: Cop Who Arrested Nurse For Refusing to Draw Patient's Blood Is Fired

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For once, a cop is losing his job for getting out of pocket with folks!!!

The Utah police officer who was caught on video roughly handcuffing a nurse because she refused to draw blood on a patient was finally fired this week.

You may remember back in July, Detective Jeff Payne arrested nurse Alex Wubbels and dragged her out of her Salt Lake City hospital because she was trying to protect her patient’s rights and follow hospital rules. Payne wanted Wubbells to draw blood from a patient who had been injured in a car crash. She calmly explained that she couldn’t do that without a warrant or consent from the patient, which she didn’t have.

Why Payne was so pressed to get this blood is beyond us, because the patient wasn’t even suspected of wrongdoing in the crash. He was just driving a semitrailer when he was hit by a man fleeing police in a pickup truck, the New York Post pointed out.

But Payne went 0-100 real quick, putting his hands on Wubbels and arresting her—a move that Payne’s supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, apparently condoned. When Tracy arrived to the scene, he told Wubbels she should have just taken the blood like she was told. Really?!!

Take a look at this nonsense:


Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown wasn’t having any of this and after an investigation, he gave Payne his pink slip saying he violated department policies. He also demoted Tracy.

But we gotta wonder: Did the video going viral and causing a national uproar have anything to do with Brown’s decision?

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first job Payne has been let go from.

He was also fired from a part-time job as a paramedic after he was caught on tape saying he’d take homeless patients to the University of Utah hospital where Wubbels worked and take the “good patients” elsewhere to get better care.

Straight up wrong!

LOOK: We’re happy Payne lost his job, but it’s long overdue that police start losing their jobs over killing Black folks! When is that gonna start happening?

Asking for a friend.

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