Taylor Swift Fans Are FURIOUS At 'Rat' Kim Kardashian Because Of This Recent Instagram Post

Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian
Christopher Polk/MTV1415 / Getty Images

Kim, WYD?

Just when we thought the Kimye vs. Taylor Swift feud was over, the 37-year-old reality star decided to add some more fuel to the fire. (Or at least fans seem to think so!)

Kardashian has always been a fan of posting #TBTs on the 'gram; whether it be paparazzi shots or "vintage" selfies, she looooves to take us down memory lane. Her most recent throwback, however, has stirred up quite a controversy among Swifties. 

The KKW Beauty mogul posted a picture of her taking a picture (#pictureception) of her husband Kanye West's 2016 "Famous" display at a Los Angeles art gallery, an exhibit that featured the naked, wax likenesses of celebrities that were used in his music video of the same title. If you look closely, you can see the face and the chest of the Swift's wax counterpart featured in the image:

Shady, or just a coincidence? 

Kardashian captioned the image "Famous," so it's clear she was referencing the song in which Kanye calls Taylor a "b*tch."

Fans of Swift flooded Kardashian's Instagram with rats — a food of choice for snakes, the unofficial mascot of the 27-year-old singer: 

They also shared their two cents on Twitter:

Ouch. Do you think Kim was coming for Taylor, or are Swifties reaching? Let us know how you feel! (Or feel free to leave a rat emoji on Kardashian's Instagram posts... 🐀)

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