DIY Felt Kawaii Craft Projects

DIY Felt Kawaii Craft Projects

Felt is an awesome tool for making adorable, versatile crafts. You can make anything from pillows to Christmas tree ornaments with the soft fabric. Listed below are some eclectically kawaii crafts made using felt. Take a look and get some inspiration for your next crafting session.

Felt Ghosts

These guys are scarily cute.

How To available at Kao-ani

Felt Ice Lolly

This lolly will melt your heart instead of in your hand.

How To provided by Sweetorials

Needle Felt Kittens

Just as cute as the real thing.

How To provided by Maqaroon

Felt Ice Cream Purse

Carry your stuff and look cute doing it.

How To available on WikiHow

Felt Owls

Hoot, hoot, hoot.

How To available at Factory Direct Craft

Felt Mushrooms

In your yard, in your food, on your crafting table.

How To available at Saké Puppets

Felt Deer

Bambi's got some competition.

How To available at Kao-ani

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