DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

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This has to be one of my favorite DIYs to date. First of all it’s completely customizable which makes this the perfect gift. You can match it to a wedding theme, someones home, holidays, etc. It’s also relatively inexpensive–the entire DIY cost me $20 (I previously owned a hot glue gun & X-Acto knife but both are under $10 via links below). Read on for instructions to make your own floral letters. Feel free to purchase in bulk & spell out a business, name, or event title! xo

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

What You’ll Need: paper mache letters | flowers | X-Acto knife | paint brush | paint | hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut the top of the letter off using the X-Acto knife. Remove anything on the inside.

Step 2: Paint your letters. I ended up liking the way it looked with some natural paper mache showing on the edges so paint desired amount.

Step 3: Arrange flowers in desired position throughout the letter. Plug in your hot glue gun & once warm, peel back each flower individually & secure it with glue to the edges of the letters.

*adapted from Lulu’s

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