DIY: Green Tea Face Mask

DIY: Green Tea Face Mask

Homemade face masks usually turn out to be the best face masks. You get to use all natural ingredients from your kitchen cabinets to make revitalizing skin food! Oh, and I forgot to mention: they work better than any store-bought face mask. You are literally saving money to make your skin glow. Uh, sign me up please!

We all know how abundant green tea is in antioxidants. When exposed to your skin, it basically acts like a superhero. I couldn't stop touching my face right after!

Here's what you'll need for this luscious green tea face mask:

3 tbsp greek yogurt
2 tbsp brewed green tea
one teabag of green tea opened
one lemon slice
one tbsp honey
Now, here's what you do:
1. Brew one cup of green tea however you'd like. Set aside.

2. Take one green tea bag, cut open, and put the tea leaves in a small bowl. Add greek yogurt, brewed green tea, and honey. Then squeeze one lemon slice. Mix up.

3. Apply to face. Let sit for 15 minutes then wash with warm water.

Then you are done! It's as simple as that. You might have a little bit leftover, which I usually just put in a small jar and set aside in the fridge. After all, the more the better.

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