Death Penalty: Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Officially Death

Death Penalty: Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Officially Death
Charleston County Sheriff's Office

Whether you believe in the death penalty or not, if there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s likely the man who bursted into a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina and fatally shot nine black churchgoers. With all the racial violence and shootings going on, something has to be done to stop people from murdering and harming crowds of innocent people at will. Dylann Roof, the shooter, just screams pure evil. 

Charleston County Sheriff's Office

Roof pled guilty to the murders, but a jury of 12 was deliberating whether he would receive life in prison or the death sentence for his actions. It was a pretty quick decision, as it turns out—the jury took only two hours to come to a decision, and every single juror had the same vote.

So, it’s final: Roof has been sentenced to death for his horrific crimes. Roof’s lawyers, though, are likely to fight the decision. The defense team said :“the sentencing decision means that this case will not be over for a very long time.”

Imagine defending a crime as horrendous as this one? Ugh, it’s beyond words.

Tim Kimzey, The Spartanburg Herald-Journal

A black Republican South Carolina senator, Tim Scott, released a statement supporting the verdict. He said that Roof was rightly sentenced to death. Roof is the first federal hate-crime defendant to be sentenced to death.

David Goldman, AP Photo

One of the most powerful moments of the trial? Before the sentencing, families of the victims had the chance to address Roof directly. One of the victims’ sisters called him “among the worst kind of evil.”

Roof didn’t speak at his own sentencing. He didn’t even make eye contact with the family members speaking to him. Roof did represent himself during his closing argument, though, and guess what this monster had to say?

Roof doesn’t regret what he did at all. 

Sketch by Robert Maniscalco

“I felt like I had to do it, and I still feel like I had to do it.” Maybe it’s better that he kept his mouth shut to avoid causing these people more pain!

“For you to sit here… and never, ever apologize… was hurtful. I pray that your soul go to hell,” said Susie Jackson’s niece.

As one victim’s father said: “Whoever your creator is, he’s coming for you.”

What do you think? Are you pro or anti-death penalty, and do you think Dylann Roof deserves to die?

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