Eat Like Kylie Jenner: Her 8 Favorite Foods

Kylie Jenner favorite food cooking
Kylie Jenner

Everyone who follows Kylie Jenner on social media knows she is sometimes known to make mid-day snack runs to In-N-Out and we've even seen her eat breakfast at McDonalds!

According to her Instagram and Snapchat accounts, it's no secret she loves fast food just as much as uh, us "normal" humans do. But what does she really eat, you know? What are her all-time favorite foods? We did some research to find out all of Kylie's favorite meals and snacks and it's totally not what you expect. 

1. Sushi

This is a no brainer. She's stated on numerous occasions that sushi is just one of her "things," and we don't blame her. How can sushi not be your thing?

2. Twizzlers


Twizzlers seem to be hit or miss for most people, but for Miss Jenner it's definitely hit. She loves throwback snacks and candy that comes from any type of vending machine.

3. Mexican Food


After all, when you live in California, you HAVE to love Mexican food. It's just a requirement.

4. Oreos

If eating Oreos is what it takes to get Kylie's body, we'll eat an entire box. (Even though we were already doing that...)

5. Fried Chicken


According to her friends, she makes "bomb fried chicken," just like her sister Kim. Hey, we'll be the judge of that! AKA...invite us over for dinner.

6. Fresh Orange Juice


Because there's no better way to wake up in the morning. If only we had fresh orange juice in our fridge 24/7 like Kylie!

7. Candied Yams

Who wouldn't want to eat their vegetables coated in sugar? Kylie shared her recipe for one of her favorite dishes on her app. 

8. In-N-Out Burgers


The rest of the world has this in common with Kylie.

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