These Party-Goers Got So Turnt, The Floor Collapsed Underneath Them

These Party-Goers Got So Turnt, The Floor Collapsed Underneath Them
Mickey Hicks via Twitter

Nothing says “this party has gone too far” like a gaping hole in the floor. At the University of North Texas, party-goers had to end the good times early when several people fell through the apartment floor into the apartment below. Ouch!

In Denton, Texas at 1:45 am, college kids were having a party in the living room of an apartment. It was a “kickback” for campus homecoming, but it looks like it got pretty energetic for a kickback! Students weren’t just sitting around listening to music. They were jumping up and down enthusiastically like they were at a Future concert or something.

Abiola Busari, the host of the party, said things got a lot crazier when people he didn’t know showed up. The dance floor was packed with people jumping up and down, and suddenly the floor just… broke. A huge hole opened up in the floor and whoosh, people fell below!

As you can imagine, madness ensued. Water pipes burst and sprayed everywhere, dust and debris was flying in the air and wood panels were scattered all over. Everyone surrounding the hole in the floor was extremely confused about what was going on!

Once they figured out that multiple people were trapped in a freakin’ hole in the floor, they formed a human chain to get them out.

All in all, five to seven people were injured by the accident. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, and all those injured have been treated and released.

The poor resident who lived below the party, Carley Carroll, wasn’t home when the floor collapsed, but she has lost most of her belongings. “TVs, computers, just everything” is gone, Carroll said.

As for that hole in the floor… 48 apartment residents were displaced because of the collapse, and the apartment’s management company is arranging to fix the flooring issue. It’ll take a structural engineer and a construction crew to figure out what exactly went wrong. 

So what song was playing that caused this party to get so loud that the floor collapsed?? “What” by Playboi Carti. 

Maybe steer clear of playing that song when there are over 30 college students in a small apartment?? Outdoor parties only from now on!

Glad everyone is OK.

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