Fun Weekend Activities for Busy Parents To Do with Their Kids

Fun Weekend Activities for Busy Parents To Do with Their Kids

It is tough to be a working parent today, especially when it comes to planning fun activities for your kids over the weekend. Instead of planning some big extravaganza this weekend, try enjoying one of these hassle-free activities that both you and your children will love. Make this weekend a family-filled weekend. And the next one. And the next one. And, you get it.

Clean the house together: Most kids dread hearing the words, “Clean your room!” But, what if you made cleaning the house a game for the entire family? Race to clean rooms and bond over the competition. Create teams, perhaps kids vs. parents and see who can do a better job. The possibilities are endless. You’ll spend quality time together as a family and end up with a clean house. Everybody wins.

Read together: Reading a story together can be an incredible way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It takes little planning and absolutely no drive time. Choose one of your favorite childhood books and share the magical story with your children. Try choosing a longer book, or a series of books, and read a chapter or two every weekend. Plus, studies have shown that reading to children is beneficial in a number of ways including boosting their self-esteem.

Play a board/card game: Playing a board/card game with the family is sure to bring the laughs. Plus, these games help kids learn how to strategize. Spend time around the kitchen table together playing one of these great board games, or one of these fun card games. Just don't be surprised if your kids end up the big winners.

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Bake a tasty dessert: Who doesn’t love eating a scrumptious dessert? Instead of a store-bought dessert, pick up some ingredients after work on Friday and spend time with your kids preparing the treat together. Nothing tastes better than a homemade dessert that you made as a family. Check out these simple and delicious recipes for ideas.

Go for a walk: Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the sweetest. Take the family out for a walk around the block and enjoy being active together. Swap stories about your weeks. Talk about your favorite place in the neighborhood. Get a good round of “I Spy” going. Simply being together in the outdoors is an amazing way to spend the weekend.

Have a great family-filled weekend everybody!

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