Harry Styles Covered A Kanye West Song At His Secret London Show

Harry Styles at Intimate London Show
Getty Images / Stringer

Harry Styles is a huge Kanye West fan, apparently. 

Last year, he was spotted attending The Saint Pablo tour in LA. And just last week, the former One Direction member paid homage to the rapper by performing an unexpected cover that blew everyone's minds. 

The Tonight Show

On Saturday, Styles did an intimate concert in London to celebrate the release of his first solo album. The fans expected that they would only hear a selection of songs from ‘Harry Styles', but they didn’t know they were in for a much better treat! Midway through his set, the boyband heartthrob-turned-solo rockstar performed “Ultra Lightbeam”, a hit song from West’s “The Life of Pablo”, in true Harry Styles fashion.

The gospel-inflicted anthem originally features Kanye West along with a bunch of other artists like Chance The Rapper, Kelly Prince, Kirk Franklin and The Dream. Styles found a way to give the song an entirely different sound (no, he did not rap). He gave it a complete makeover, replacing the choir with a raw, guitar-heavy version, giving major '90s rock vibes; a perfect complement to the star's alt-rock sound.

Dispel all your preconceived notions about Harry Styles. This dude is the real deal! Although no one can ever match the greatness of West's original version of "Ultralight Beam", Styles did a tremendous job with the cover. It just goes to show that Styles is a musical force to be reckoned with, and he will, without a shadow of a doubt, go a long way

Listen to the original version of "Ultralight Beam" here and Harry Styles' debut album here. Crossing our fingers for a Styles-West collaboration in the future!

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