Here are 5 of the Most Killer 10-Minute Arm Workouts

Here are 5 of the Most Killer 10-Minute Arm Workouts
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What is the part of your body that is generally covered up the least, aside from your face? If you said arms, that's exactly where we're going with this. In the warmer months, or if you live in Los Angeles, your arms are almost always exposed. That is why it is important to focus your workout on your upper body at least a few times a week. The great news is, you can get toned arms in no time with these killer arm workouts that all take under 10 minutes! Plus they're all available online for free! So you have no excuses, it's time to get those guns a blazin!

Toned Arms in 5 Minutes - Black Girl Slim

You'll just need a lighter, and a heaver set of dumbbells to get free tickets to the gun show!

9 Exercises for Toned Arms

These 9 exercises will get your shoulders, biceps, triceps, delts, and traps in check in no time!

Toned Arms Workout

Tone your arms poolside while you work on core, balance, and overall body fitness.

Arms like Michelle Obama

We've all seen the First Lady's arms and they're no joke! Learn the basics of your dumbbell poses with Abiola & SuzieQ Fit for Life!

Toned (Not Bulky) Arm Workout

Tone your shoulders and arms, AND make your breasts a bit perkier with this easy, at home workout routine.

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