Homemade Buncha Crunch Recipe

Homemade Buncha Crunch Recipe
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The combination of salty + sweet is one almost everyone craves at some point in time. Which is why it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that moviegoers are obsessed with the combination of popcorn & Buncha Crunch. Throw some of the candies into freshly buttered, warm popcorn & you’re in for a delight. If you haven’t tried the combination before, it’s one I highly suggest! Yet despite how delicious movie theater popcorn is, it’s loaded with excess calories & only available well, at the movie theaters! So when you’re three seasons deep in Friends & have left a permanent dent in your bed from lying there all weekend long (who me?! never…) what’s a girl to do other than create the recipe herself at home! We used SkinnyPop popcorn as our base & the two ingredient recipe below to create the copycat Buncha Crunch recipe. This recipe makes enough to make two large bowls of popcorn (using only one bag of SkinnyPop) or you can throw all the chocolate into one bowl if you’re looking for a sweeter treat!

Homemade Buncha Crunch Recipe


  • ¾ cup crisped rice cereal
  • ¾ cup milk chocolate chips, divided

Head over to Public Lives, Secret Recipes for the easy 3 step instructions on how to make this recipe!

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