How to Do Thrifting the Right Way

How to Do Thrifting the Right Way

Thrifting is every girls' favorite way to have her own unique style without breaking her wallet. Yet sometimes, thrifting is hit or miss. You know the feeling: spending all day thrifting and leaving with basically nothing. But are you thrifting the wrong way? Overlooking hundreds of potential good items? Let's find out. Here's how you can thrift the right way and score the most items.


1. Think of outfits instead of individual items.

Usually when thrifting, we look over perfect items because they don't meet our expectations for the shirt of our dreams. But think about it this way: "Would this shirt look great with that skirt I have? Maybe these pants would be perfect paired with a basic white tee. I could totally wear this cardigan with my favorite pink dress." Once you think of it from that standpoint, almost everything will start looking AH-MAZ-ING. 

2. Remember: you can DIY anything.
Those pants could easily be cutoff shorts. That jacket could easily turn into a vest. You could embellish that cardigan. For example, if you really like an item but there's just one thing off about it, get it anyways. You could always fix it yourself. Especially if it's super cheap, it's not worth passing on.

3. Inspection, inspection, inspection.
Before you buy, inspect the item inside and out to make sure it's what you're looking for. Because it isn't new, you can't expect it to be in perfect condition. But if it has too many stains, rips, and tears, it might not be worth it. 

4. Make sure to try everything on.
This isn't your everyday department store. The sizes are from different places and time periods, so "small" could mean "large" or "large" could mean "small." Some of the pieces may even be tailored. Even if it looks like it fits you, make sure you try it on properly!


5. Wear something basic and simple.
Because you're going to be trying on everything, wear something easy to take on / off or something you could easily layer with. A simple black dress or black shirt / leggings always works. 

6. Look in every section.
Many women just look in the "womens" section, thinking everything they would ever want would be there. But hidden treasures lie within the mens and childrens section, too. Sometimes the employees and fellow shoppers put things in the wrong section. And even if is in the right section, you might find stuff you love there. You never know unless you try!

7. Don't let brands define your experience.
Seriously. Stop looking at where the clothes come from, and try to keep in mind what they actually look like. I mean, no one's going to pass up a Chanel jacket for $10 dollars, but try to focus on your personal style when browsing.

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