How to Find Your Own Style in a Sea of Trends

How to Find Your Own Style in a Sea of Trends

I believe that the most beautiful thing about being a human is that each and every person on Earth is completely unique. From our hearts to our brains to our outward appearances, every person has something about them that nobody else can duplicate. We are born genuinely one of a kind and that is something we should be celebrating daily. Think of all our human uniqueness, from our genetics, personalities, skin tones, skin textures, birth marks, tone of voices, thought processes, laughs, even to the sounds of our sneezes. We have so many elements and depths of our humanness that make us stand out. With all those unique and breathtakingly gorgeous characteristics our bodies possess, why would we think the only way to be beautiful and to stand out is to follow straight lined the style trends of everyone else? We have free reign to be the creators of our own style. In a world of trends, we slowly lose a bit of our individuality. We clothe ourselves in what we think that world views as beautiful on that particular day. No, I’m not telling you to never get excited about the the newest style of jeans on the market, or the new trench coats that are filling the stores. Sometimes trends are adorable, unique, and actually cater to a lot of our personal style. I’m talking here about not losing your own personality, your own personal style, and your individuality and uniqueness in a sea of trends. How do we stay true to ourselves in this ever changing trend ocean? I came up with a few tips that I find encouraging when trying to stay true to myself in a world that is telling everyone how to define beauty.

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1. Figure out you

If you don't know where to start, I'd say a great place is your closet. Check out what you see repeats of. Is it black shirts, lace, or maybe jeweled collars? If you are unsure what your own style is, your shopping history is a good way to tell. I find that even with a full closet, when I leave for a weekend trip or a week back in my hometown, I always go back to the same 6 or 7 items. Those are my style skeletons, and I stick to those when I want to feel most myself. Find yours by watching for patterns in both your closet and what you wear most and use that as your foundation. Build on those items and expand in a direction that works best for you. A way to find out where to expand is figuring out what you are consistently drawn to while window shopping or surfing the web.

2. Adapt trends to fit your style

Like I said before, I'm not asking you to ditch trends all together. Personal style is all about finding your wave in the trend ocean. Pick parts of trends that you really like, but play them up and make them unique to your style. If you really like the style of shoe that is in all of the stores, buy it but wear it in a way that suites you, not just the way the models are wearing the shoe. Each season if you love just one part of the year's trend, you are essentially creating your own style by combining that item together with old items to create a new unique look. Use your favorite clothes you already have, and keep your style very you. Evolving trends to fit your style is easy and fun!

3. Don't be afraid to stand out

The most sexy, beautiful, and refreshing thing is to see people wearing what they think is beautiful with confidence. Wear bright colors in the winter when everyone else is wearing dark colors. You don't have to look like everyone else to be beautiful. I am often throwing together an outfit that I think looks fun and awesome and not even worrying what others think. The nights I feel the prettiest are the nights when I go out not caring what others think about my outfit, because I love it! Sometimes I try on those "in style" outfits at the stores, but they never feel as good on me as my favorite clothes that I wear all the time. I can dress up my outfits or dress them down, and I know that because I'm not afraid to stand out, I'll never run out of anything to wear.

4. Thrift often. It's good for the soul... I promise!

Thrifting is my favorite form of shopping. I love the idea of wearing clothes that other people have worn and loved. Think of all the memories one item can hold. Thrifting is a fun activity, an awesome way to get cheap deals, and is really really great for the environment. Why buy new when there is another option? Find your own style by going through thrift shops and buying things you are drawn to. I always find awesome shawls, wraps, and jewelry that make every outfit I wear unique. The quality at thrift stores is most of the time even better than that of your average mall store. Most of the vintage buys I get at thrift stores have held up better than a large majority of clothes in my closet. Thrifting is also a fun and inexpensive way to experiment with your own style. Buy that jacket that you think stands out. You can spend less money and buy a larger variety of clothing at thrift stores.

5. Know when the trend isn't for you

Being able to say no to a trend is something you need to learn! Personally, long skirts will never be my style because I simply don't like the feeling of long skirts on my legs. Do I think that they are beautiful on other people? Yes! Long skirts are so bohemian and whimsical, yet every time I try one on I find myself wanting to change right away. Will long skirts come in and out of style in the future? Yes. Just like any type of clothing, long skirts will float in and float out. Part of finding your own style is finding what is not your style and sticking with it. No matter how many magazines tell me I should be wearing platform heels, I know that I don't like that look on me, and personally I'd rather stick to my slip on sneakers and 6 year old Doc Marten boots that make every outfit my own. The worst thing you can do is wear something you don't really like, just because you think it's trendy. Be able to know when a trend just isn't you!

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