How to Lose the Baby Weight

How to Lose the Baby Weight
Southern Mamas

After nine months of carrying your baby, satisfying all of your cravings, and dealing with your body growing in all different areas, it's time to get that pre-baby body back. If you're looking to lose weight and feel strong and powerful post-birth, check out these moves below!

Lift Weights

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Lifting weights goes a long way when trying to get rid of your baby weight. Building muscles will boost your metabolism and have you feeling stronger and leaner. If you don't want to invest in free weights, incorporate your baby into the workout. Lie on your back, holding the baby above your chest, and slowly press him or her up toward the ceiling several times.

See some great post-baby workouts at Fitness Magazine.


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Some studies found that breastfeeding can help you return to your body weight faster. When breastfeeding, you burn up to 600 calories, which will let you eat more (about an additional 300 more calories a day). Not only will it help you get back to your original weight faster, breastfeeding is also good for your baby as it boosts their immunity and provides several other health benefits.


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While getting enough sleep may seem impossible when you have a baby at home, you have to force yourself to get in enough shut-eye for yourself. If you leave yourself sleep-deprived, you're more likely to keep that baby weight longer. Being tired releases stress hormones that can promote weight gain and lead you to choosing unhealthy snacks while you're awake. Take naps when possible and try to get to bed early to catch up on your z's.


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Water goes a long way when trying to lose weight. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times will help remind you to stay hydrated. When you drink water, you make your stomach feel full so that gets rid of overeating and having constant cravings.

Walk It Out

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Make a daily routine to take your baby out for a walk, whether it be around the block, circles around the backyard, or taking a walk through the mall. A little effort each days goes a long way.

Find Alternatives

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If you crave certain unhealthy snacks, find an alternative for each one that will satisfy the craving. If you tend to crave ice cream, try putting yogurt in the freezer as a healthy alternative. For something crunchy, grab a few pretzels instead of potato chips, or if you're really determined, celery also provides a great crunch.

Join Other Moms

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Making plans with other moms around the neighborhood will make you set a schedule and keep you to it. Plan a park day, a walk around the neighborhood, or even a group yoga session.

Wear Your Baby

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Instead of placing your baby in a stroller, baby-wearing is a great way to shed calories. Using wraps and carriers to hold your baby is like carrying around an 8 to 12 lb. medicine ball. By just doing your daily activities with your baby strapped in, you'll feel the burn and notice a change in your body.

Take Your Time

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Being a mom is tiresome and time consuming. Between all of the diaper changes, feeding, crying, and playing, it's hard to find time to do anything for yourself. Something you should take your time doing is eating your meals. When eating your meals, eat slowly. While you may be in a rush, eating slowly will make you eat less since you will be aware that you are full before you finish your entire meal. When people are in a rush they tend to scarf down everything on the plate before their brain triggers that they are actually full. Eating slowly will save you calories and will let you destress from the day's activities.

Set Your Goals

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Getting back to your pre-baby weight can be a process since your body has been growing for the past nine months. Write down your goals (within reason) of where you want to be 4 weeks out, 2 months out, 4 months, and so on. Setting realistic goals in certain time frames will help you stay on track and reach your ultimate goal in a timely manner.

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