How to Fit Exercise Into Even the Busiest of Schedules

Fit Exercise
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I know you're busy. You know you're busy. We all know you're busy. But how long have you spent making excuses about your fitness schedule? The real trick to making it happen, is to really want it and to make it a priority. Say it with me. P-R-I-O-R-I-T-Y. Exercise isn't really an optional activity. It's a necessary way of life and you need to prioritize it the way you would your job, a visit to the doctor, or picking your kid up from school.

Wake Up an Hour Earlier

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We know you've heard this one before, but if you day really is packed tightly, you might consider waking up an hour early. Not only will the exercise itself be beneficial, but the hour spent alone in the morning before everyone else is awake will purify your mind and get you focused to start the day off right. And sure, you're tired at first, but once you start working out and those endorphines kick in, you'll have even more energy throughout the rest of the day.

Pack Your Gym Bag the Night Before

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And while you're at it, pack your lunch as well! If you get organized the night before, or even over the weekend in preparation for the week, you'll notice you have a bit more time on your hands to fit in some fitness. Plus, if you have your bag all packed and ready to go, there will be no excuse not go on that after work 3 mile run!

Exercise During Lunch

Instead of taking your lunch break to eat, which we all know you do at your desk half the time anyway, use it to get your sweat on. If your office has a shower, go for the gusto and push yourself! But if not, even a 30 minute brisk walk around a nearby park or even the city streets will get your heart rate up.

Break it Up Throughout the Day

Maybe you really don't have time to pull out a full 60 minute workout today. But can you do 10 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes after your meeting, maybe another 10 after lunch, and perhaps the rest when you finish work? Studies have been shown that you still glean the benefits of your efforts even if they aren't continuous.

Do it During Commercials

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No one likes to watch commercials anyway, so why not use those few minutes to do some squats, some chair presses, or some lunges. Your kids might ask you why you're doing jumping jacks during the news, or they may join in!

Exercise With Your Family

Which brings me to another great way to get in your workout. Make it a family activity. Go on a hike, walk, or swim together. Set up a rock wall climbing day or play a game of beach volleyball. These types of activities count as family time well spent, and double as your workout for the day!

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