How to Not Waste a Gorgeous Day

How to Not Waste a Gorgeous Day
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So you finally have a day off from work, or school, or family responsibilities and it happens to be a particularly gorgeous one. Lucky for you! But how do you make sure that you spend the day constructively, milking every ounce of sunshine and good vibes for what they're worth? The worst thing you could do would be to wake up late, watch TV, and hibernate. Here are a few fun, outdoorsy ideas for what to do on your special day off!

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1. Go for a Walk, Hike, or Run

It's morning and the sun is shining. What better way to enjoy the day than to step out into the fresh hair with your sneakers laced up and head out on a walk, hike, or run? Invite a friend, or bring your mom, or even your dog if you have one. The morning sunshine is so spectacular and you don't want to miss any of it. 

2. Organize a Game of Kickball

If it's a vacation day from school, why not organize a kickball or Wiffle Ball game for all of your friends. All you need are a few items form the dollar store and everyone can meet at a local field or park to play an epic match of a friendly sporting event! If everyone is excited about it, you will have no excuse not to make it happen!

3. Get to Know Your Local Parks (bring a book and picnic lunch)

Maybe you're on your own for the day and want to do some exploration. I bet there is a beautiful local park, garden, or landmark that you keep saying you'll check out, but haven't yet had the chance to. In that case, pack a picnic lunch, bring a book and a blanket, and head over there to walk around and then settle into a nice long outdoor reading session.

4. Visit the Beach

Even if it isn't summer, the beach is a great place to go to get some exercise, fresh air, or to collect some cool rocks or seashells for an art project. You can walk, run along the waves, or just set up a blanket and enjoy the stunning view.

5. Take Your Bike Someplace New

If you have a bike, now would be the time to use it. If not, many cities have rental bike programs for relatively cheap. The great thing about a bike is, you can travel long distances faster than walking, but don't have to be cooped up in a car. You'll get your  heart rate up and see your city from a different vantage point.

6. Do a Walking Tour of Your City

Maybe you live some place historical and want to learn more about your town's past. Many places offer guided walking tours so you can enjoy the fresh air and learn something new.

7. Host an Outdoor BBQ

If you're up for playing host, plan a backyard bbq and invite everyone you know. Have games like Frisbee, badminton, and hacky sack at the ready so people can participate in activity while they eat some delicious grilled offerings. All your friends will appreciate your effort, and hey, maybe you can even convince a friend to co-host with you!

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