In the Mood: Romantic Dinner Party Playlist

In the Mood: Romantic Dinner Party Playlist

So the big night is tonight and you have everything planned out to a T. You shopped for and styled the perfect outfit. You cooked a 5-star meal. You cleaned every inch of your house, or at least the inches that will get used this evening. The only thing left to do is pick out the music. But what do you play at a romantic dinner party? You have 2 couples joining you and your husband or boyfriend and you're at a complete loss for what to play. It can't just be silent, and your Best of Billy Joel Playlist isn't going to cut it. Mood music is everything and that's why we've picked out these 13 sexy jams for you and your guests to enjoy.

1. FKA Twigs - 2 Weeks

2. Peter, Bjorn & John - Up Against the Wall

3. Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up

4. Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

5. Aaliyah - One in a Million

6. The Mamas & The Papas - Dream a Little Dream of Me

7. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

8. Sam Cooke - You Send Me

9. Poolside - Slow Down

10. Janis Joplin - Summertime

11. Beastie Boys - I Don't Know

12. Yo La Tengo - Friday I'm In Love (Cure Cover)

13. Jungle - Drops

Bonus Track:

Bob Dylan: Lay Lady Lay

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