10 Quick Youtube Workouts For The Busy Girl

Best Youtube Workout Videos
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A busy girl can never catch a break! Between school, work, and social events, it may seem impossible to keep up on your fitness. Fortunately, the solution is simple and quick; exactly the thing a busy girl needs in her hectic life. YouTube workouts has revolutionized the world of at-home workouts. Rather than driving all the way to the gym, changing into your cute workout clothes, and toiling away on the machines, you can get your muscles moving in the comfort of your living room. The following videos are all less than 15 minutes, and can be done in between classes, in the morning before work, or whenever you need a boost of endorphins to get you through your day. Don't let your crazy schedule come between you and your health!

1. Train Insane HIIT Workout!

Get your High Intensity Interval Training on with Blogilates' Cassey Ho.

2. Quick, Intense, and Fun P90X3 Workout

This fast alternative to P90X will get you sweating in no time.

3. Quick Workout: 5-Minute Total Body WorkoutIf you only a few minutes to spare, this video will flex every muscle in your body

4. Fat Destroyer

With only 8 minutes, this video will have you high kicking your way to health.

5. Quick Booty Building Workout from Home

Who better to teach a 7 minute booty workout than a bikini model?

6. 10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout

If you'd rather sweat to some music, try this dance workout that also targets abs.

7. Victoria's Secret Model Workout

Get runway ready with this awesome Angel Approved circuit training.

8. 7 Minute Intense Cardio Workout

You can do this cardio workout in your pajamas before you start your day.

9. 10 Minute Yoga Flow Sequence

For those who want their workouts a little more relaxing, try this quick and simple sequence.

10. Amazing 10 Minutes Arm Workout!

Grab your small weights (or even water bottles) and take on this arm challenge.

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