KFC's New Chizza Pizza

KFC's New Chizza Pizza
KFC Chizza via independent.co.uk

What’s a Chizza? KFC recently launched a new menu item dubbed the Chizza, a piece of crispy chicken slabbed with gooey cheese. Chizza combines the best of both worlds into one fine dish. Here’s the lowdown you need to know.

KFC Chizza

Image credit: independent.co.uk

The Chizza is made from 100% chicken fillet, marinated, seasoned, and cooked until golden, just like any other signature KFC chicken piece. The chicken is then topped with gooey mozzarella cheese, pineapple chunks, chicken ham, and KFC’s Signature Cheese Sauce. The Chizza is expected to provide hungry customers with a high protein and low-carb diet, though the cheese says otherwise.

This is definitely something many people never knew they needed; no longer do they have to choose between crispy chicken and cheesy pizza. The Chizza is here to satisfy any fickle appetite! While Chizza is currently only available in Singapore, what do people who have tried it have to say about KFC’s new mind-blowing menu?

Depending on how strong your love for chicken and pizza flows, the new menu item can be considered a delicacy or an abomination. However, if and when the Chizza is launched in the United States, it doesn’t hurt to try it out; you may fall in love with it.

Well, you won’t know if you don’t try it, right?

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