Lindsay Lohan's Pictures With This Mega-Rich 'Korean Hulk' Have Sparked Some WILD Dating Rumors

Lindsay Lohan and je-yong ha
@koreanhulk on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan has been around the block a few times: According to the alleged sex list she dropped three years ago, she's been with basically everyone's #MCMs, including Heath Ledger, Evan Peters, James Franco, and Zac Efron. (We're more jealous than we'd like to admit.)

Earlier this week, Lohan was rumored to be adding yet another name to that lineup: Je-yong Ha. 

The wealthy Korean bodybuilder, who goes by the moniker "koreanhulk” on Instagram, has been sharing intimate photos of Lohan and himself since August. See for yourself:

Looks like a romantic dinner if you ask me. 

Then there's this more-than-friendly selfie:

They've even shared a few laughs:

Upon discovery of the pair's photos together earlier this week, some people on Twitter were pretty convinced that they were dating:

According to Vanity Fair, though, they're nothing more than pals.

“Lol they are 100% not dating at all," a source shared. "They’re just friends.”

Our dreams are literally crushed. I mean, what's the point of anything if Lindsay Lohan isn't dating a millionaire Korean bodybuilder? Sigh.

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