Makeup Trends We Hope Never Come Back!

Makeup Trends We Hope Never Come Back!

There's a reason zombies are so frightening. Things that are dead should stay dead. Maybe that's why it's so shocking when someone sports a dead trend. If it's not trending anymore, there's probably a good reason. The following are makeup styles we can only hope will never rise from the dead to make their comeback. (Plus some trends we hope die a swift death as soon as possible!)

1. Lid-to-Brow Shadow

Image Source: Retro Junkie

This look surely makes a statement, and that statement is that you're not sure how to blend your eyeshadow.

2. Brown Lip Liner

Image Source: Glamour

This '90s trend just makes you look like you forgot to wipe your mouth after eating a chocolate bar.

3. Instabrows

Image Source: The Glow

We all know how Wayne feels about these faded brows. Even though they're still going strong, we hope they bow out of popular culture very soon.

4. Clumpy Mascara

Image Source: Glass House Journal

Twiggy's clumpy mascara was fine in the '60s, but now, with hundreds of mascara formulas on the market that are meant to eliminate clumps, there is no excuse!

5. Overlined Lips

Image Source: CC Clarke Beauty

We definitely want to kiss the ridiculous Kylie Jenner lips goodbye, leave them in 2015, and never speak of them again.

6. Raccoon Eyes

Image Source: Steal Her Style

Loading up the matte black eyeshadow all around your eyes may still be a thing in certain music scenes, but it should stay there forever.

7. Orange Fake Tans

Image Source: Alice in Carnaval

The mid-00s were a crazy time for tabloid celebs and an even crazier time for Oompa Loompa shades of fake tans.

8. Skinny Brows

Image Source: Howling Elephant

Even though we don't like Instabrows, we aren't fans of the overplucked eyebrow look. Why not find a happy medium between the two?

9. Body Glitter

Image Source: Oxygen

Okay, so maybe body glitter isn't exactly makeup, but it's still a trend we hope stays buried deep in the '90s!

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