Embracing Your Flaws: This Guy Can Spoon Soup From His Own Chest! (VIDEO)

Little Things Video Shows Caleb's Chest
Little Things/Facebook

Some say sunken chest is a pirate’s treasure, but a guy diagnosed with pectus excavatum (AKA “hollow chest” or “funnel chest”) didn’t think so. He was embarrassed by the so-called flaw. That is, until he learned to embrace his birth defect and took acceptance even further by using his indentation as a bowl – even a fishbowl! Sounds crazy, but it’s totally true and we have the video to prove it.

The young man, whose name is Caleb (he didn’t post his last name), put the video on Facebook, which went viral. It's WTF news, for sure!

Although the deformity didn’t put his health at risk, he decided to have surgery in order to correct it – so, the audiovisual was made to document the defect and pay homage to the idea that even a bad situation can be remembered in a positive way.

Ten days before he had his procedure, Caleb and his friends made the mini movie every day, which shows him slurping both cereal and stew from the handy nook. They dipped fries into a pool of ketchup. They used the cavity as a palette for some paint. They even let some fish swim in it. And more!

This is really no difference from amply-endowed women who can eat Jello-shots from their cleavage - but some people think this is just too gross. Others say having a sense of humor helps healing. What do you think? Sound off here! 

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