Matte Vs. Glossy: Battle of the Lips

Matte Vs. Glossy: Battle of the Lips
Love Brown Sugar

There is a silent war that has been waging for quite some time now. Glossy lips have been dominating the runways, red carpets, and streets for years but matte lips has grown increasingly popular. In the battle between gorgeous glossy lips and marvelous matte, what side are you on? Do you like the shimmer and glow of a slick finish, or the badass and more subtle look of a muted finish? Perhaps you haven't even chosen a side? The following examples will help you see the pros and cons of each option, and decide which best fits with your style and personality.

Round 1: Red

Image Source: Look Style

Image Source: Styles Weekly

Round 2: Orange

Image Source: Pop Sugar

Image Source: Styles Weekly

Round 3: Berry

Image Source: Makeup for Life

Image Source: Le Fashion

Round 4: Nude

Image Source: Celebrity Red Carpet

Image Source: Honey

Round 5: Pink

Image Source: Vagaro

Image Source: Aelida

Round 6: Purple

Image Source: Koko Life

Image Source: Maya Mia

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