No Bake Halloween Sweets and Treats

No Bake Halloween Sweets and Treats

Halloween is all about the candy which means as little baking as possible should go be going on. However, sometimes a Halloween party takes place but don't worry, even your party can be a no-bake fest. Keep reading for some spooky good no-bake Halloween sweets and treats.

Jello Eyes

Check out these creepy but edible jello eyeballs

Get the recipe from My Cupcake Addiction

Halloween Graham Sandwich Treats

Add some color to your Halloween with these colorful Halloween graham sandwiches

Get the recipe from Love from the Oven

Mummy and Frankenstein Pops

Liven up a Twinkie with these cute pops.

Get the recipe from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Witch Fingers

Creep your guests out with these witchy finger cookies

Get the recipe from Choosing Raw

Mummy Truffles

Add a little finesse with these fancy Mummy Truffles

Get the recipe from Creme de la Crumb

Spiderweb Cheesecake

Cheesecake has never been so spooky good until now

Get the recipe from Epicurean Mom

Jello Spiders

Try out these chocolate jello black widow treats

Get the recipe from My Cupcake Addiction

Gummy Worm Ice

For an extra punch to your drinks, make these Gummy Worm Ice cubes

Get the recipe from Brit + Co

Black Cat Oreo Cookies

Transform Oreos into these adorable Black Cat cookies

Get the recipe Hungry Happenings

Halloween Cheesecake Cones

It's always time for a cone, even during Halloween

Get the recipe from Lady Behind the Curtain

Pumpkin Pretzels

Make these easy dipped pretzels to make instant pumpkin treats

Get the recipe from DIY Selfies

Jello Brain Jars

Become a mad scientist with these brainy jello snacks

Get the recipe from My Cupcake Addiction

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