This Company Is Getting DRAGGED By Twitter For Using Thin Models To Advertise Plus Size Tights

Tights ad
@BazaarUK on Twitter

Bad press might be better than no press at all, but we can't imagine anyone wanting to give their money to Wish after reading this.

E-commerce company Wish is receiving major backlash after using thin models to advertise their plus-size tights. Instead of just featuring plus-size models wearing the tights like any sane company would, they showcased thin models stretching the tights across their entire bodies. Talk about cringeworthy and tone-deaf.

Wish is basically implying that they'd rather have thin models using the product incorrectly instead of just showing curvy women on their website. And considering plus-size women are their target market for this product, it does seem a bit odd that they're not representing them. Twitter users, as always, weren't very happy with Wish:

However, as most online shoppers know, Wish isn't a trusted company. They're known for selling cheap products directly from China and ripping off customers. 99% of their photos are stolen or fake, which leads to customers not getting the product they thought they were going to get.

To make matters worse, the Daily Beast reported that the app TimeHop has received complaints from users who were receiving offensive ads, including a dog collar for women and a sweatshirt with images of cocaine on the front. 

Do better, Wish. 

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