Police Serve Warrant At The WRONG House And KILL An Innocent Man

Ismael Lopez

Looks like the police made another careless mistake that cost yet another innocent man his life—this time it's because they couldn't read an address! 

In Mississippi, cops showed up at the house of Ismael Lopez with a warrant for an assault, and an officer ended up firing off shots for no reason. Ismael was hit in the back of his head, and tragically died from the attack. We ALL know shooting was not the correct way to deal with an assault charge in the first place, but the kicker to this story is that these cops were at the wrong damn house to begin with! 

According to police, when Ismael opened his door, a pit bull charged at the cops and Ismael was holding a gun. 

Stop it five!

DeSoto County Prosecutor John Champion mentioned, "The officers began hollering, ‘Put the gun down! Put the gun down!’ at which point that did not occur and there were more than one shot was fired toward the door. There was a male subject inside the residence that was killed.” Guess this is another case of “self-defense,” huh?

However, Ismael’s wife, Claudia Linares, says the police are lying. According to her, the cops, without asking questions, just started shooting through the front door before Ismael even got the chance to open it! Not only were bullet holes found in the front door, but police reportedly found Ismael’s gun in the middle of the living room and not actually on him SMH. And he still got shot in cold blood. 

Of course Twitter wasn't having it!

Jordan Castillo, Lopez family’s attorney, said Ismael was a resident of his neighborhood for 13 years. The only time police came to the house before was when the family was robbed. And now their latest cop encounter—which shouldn't have happened anyway—ended with this poor man dead. 

The aftermath narrative is all too familiar and sickening: The officer who killed Ismael was (like all the others) placed on leave, and there’s an "investigation" going on. What's angering is that if this was a civilian, particularly one of color, there'd be no issue or delay in locking him up. Nobody would bat an eye! So are these police officers EVER going to be held accountable for their terrible decisions like this? It's tragic that we keep on having cases like this! 

Thoughts and prayers go out to Ismael’s family.

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