Why Real Love isn't Contingent Upon Reciprocity

Love-Without-Reciprocation Love Loss Breakups
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Love is the thing that dreams are made of. It's light and fluffy in the pit of your stomach, tingles to the touch, and runs deep into your veins. It courses, throbs and evokes new life into a body that had been slightly less alive before the introduction of this sensation, internalized. 

It's usually a person that brings about this feeling, the one we can't quite explain in words. They're just... So. Damn. Wonderful. Everything about them. The things they like and don't like, the words they say, the things they do. And oh yeah, how they make you feel. That could be the very best thing. And it feels true. But how do you know for certain that it is true love?

Countless fairytale renditions depict true love as the kind that's sealed with a kiss, and shared by two people at the same time. If you've experienced love outside of the small screen of people drawn together in more ways than one, and colored in to complement, you probably know this isn't how it actually works.

Let's say someone loves you, but you don't really know them, let alone love them back. Or maybe you love someone you've come to know, and it's clear that your affections are one-sided. Does your love cease to be because the other person isn't showing signs of validation? Should someone else stop their loving feelings toward you just because you have rejected them?

What about those situations in which two people proclaimed love for one another, and one stopped experiencing love? Does that make what was shared mere fiction, if the feeling was fleeting? Is the loss of love a result of the one who still loves, not being lovable, or rather, does only the loser of love, lose it?

Consider this: True love cannot be taken away, nor can it be given. Some people come into our lives, and awaken true loving, kindness and appreciation, the kind that was there all along. If the feeling leaves, ask yourself if it really has. And when they leave, and claim their feelings also have, know they have lost, not you. You always get to keep the love that was, and is always your own. 

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