Steve Bannon Directed Nine Documentaries Promoting White Nationalism

Steve Bannon Directed Nine Documentaries Promoting White Nationalism

Okay, so you might want to be sitting down for this. President Trump's Chief Strategist, his right-hand man, his go-to, Steve Bannon has written and directed nine conservative documentaries and produced eighteen films. Who knew that Bannon had a soft spot for film?

Steve Bannon is one of the greatest deceivers in the history of America. I say this because he can spin any story and make it fit his theology. He has Americans and the President hooked before he even announces what he will be talking about. Yes, to his credit, he is THAT good. 

But this does not mean that he is not absolutely terrifying. From 2004 to 2016, Bannon used documentaries to spread white supremacist ideology, book-ending them with popular conservative thought. As aforementioned, Bannon is the king of deception. 

In each of his films, Bannon tackles a different popular conservative concept. However, all of his films seem to say the same thing: America needs another traumatizing war. He explains in his 2010 film Generation Zero that all of humanity is stuck in an eighty year cycle. It starts with crisis and ends in a new social order. He goes on to say that in America's history, we have experienced three crises: the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II. Now, it is 2017, and our newest crisis is starting to show the first signs of eruption. 

His most recent documentary Torchbearer was released in 2016 and continued this war-mentality. The film claims that wars have always been waged against Christianity. Today, the war against Christians is with ISIS. He even overlayed images of Hitler with those of Muslim extremists and said that the Holocaust was a product of Nietzsche's famous saying "God is dead." From all of his work, it is clear that Bannon is looking for a completely new world order and is pushing for another war. 

What better position to ensure that than the puppet master of sitting President Donald J. Trump? One of Trump's primary campaign promises was that he would "drain the swamp," aka create a new order in Washington. It only makes sense that Bannon would be on board to lead this upheaval. If the past few months is any indication of the next four years, you better hold on to your hat because we are in for some scary, drastic changes. Bannon is in charge, and he wants a war. 

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