The Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best natural beauty remedies for a variety of beauty woes is apple cider vinegar. It can do so much on its own or with a few other components. Raw apple cider vinegar is one of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Really, a single bottle can help your hair, acne, dry skin, etc. Below are 8 of its greatest benefits. Find your current ailment and read how this vinegar can help you out.

Face Mask

Make you own detoxifying face treatment at home by mixing equal parts apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay with 1 tablespoon of honey. Leave on until dry and then rinse off with warm water. You’l give yourself a deep-pore cleanse without having to break the bank.

Hair Rinse

Do you ever just wanna have a fresh start with your hair? Remove all the build up caused by hair products by scrubbing your scalp with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. After shampooing, leave the ACV in for a minute before rinsing with cold water. The acetic acid will rebalance your hair’s pH level.

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Simple Toner

It’s as simple as wetting a cotton ball with a few drops and applying to your face, targeting your blemishes.

Moisturizing Bath

Fill a tub with warm water and then add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It’s natural healing properties will draw toxins out of your skin. You’ll be left feeling toned and moisturized.

Dark Spot Corrector

Because it contains sulfur, ACV fights the dark spots that form with age. Apply at night before you go to sleep, letting it completely dry. Then wash off in the morning.

Natural Deodorant

Do this instead of using an antiperspirant, which is what most commercial deodorants do these days. You don’t really want to block your ability to sweat because sweating is your body’s natural way to detoxify. Applying the apple cider vinegar will instead absorb and neutralize odors. And don’t worry! The vinegar smell goes away after it dries.

Acne Remedy

Because of its acidity, ACV kills bacteria and works to balance the skin’s pH level. It also absorbs excess oil on the skin! Both of these components help reduce acne. Apply it to a cotton ball and dab it on the affected areas. Let dry and leave overnight, washing off in the morning.

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Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

Apple cider vinegar helps flush out toxins in the skin and aids with water retention, both which reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mix it with coconut and apply like lotion to the affected areas once every day.

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