The Beauty Trend That Can Accidentally Ruin Your Eyebrows

The Beauty Trend That Can Accidentally Ruin Your Eyebrows

Listen, you're not gonna get any argument from us that glitter don't brows look amazing (especially on Instagram) – it's like two slices of celebration right there on your face. So it makes sense that anyone given the chance would give such fleekness a go, but consider this a cautionary tale...

Unfortunately for trend-chasers, getting the look first means being a beauty guinea pig. When some editors at BuzzFeed decided to give the style a test drive, they felt the consequences. Sure, their eyes looked stunning, but when it came time to wash their faces nude they ended up stripping more than their makeup off.

The lash glue used in the process proved difficult to dilute, leaving the writers resorting to acetone (which causes temporary vision impairment) or medical adhesive remover to finally get the metallic adornments off. The result? Patchy, hairless spots where their natural brows used to be.

With any luck these ladies will regrow everything they lost, but take this as a fair warning: Makeup is chemistry and you should exercise caution when using your face as an experiment. Check out their trials and tribulations in the video below:

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