The Best Color Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

The Best Color Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color
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Your makeup should be able to accentuate your true beauty and bring out all of your favorite features. No matter what your eye color is, you should be able to show off your eyes and flaunt their beauty. Brown, blue, green, or hazel, there's a way for you to accentuate your eye color and make your eyes pop. Follow along to see what color eyeshadows to pair with your eyes to make them stand out.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes may be the easiest to work with. Since brown is made up with a mix of primary colors, you are given many options to accentuate your brown eyes.

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An electric color such as cobalt blue make warm, brown eyes pop and make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

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Green eyeshadow will pick up any flecks in a brown eye to make the flakes vibrant.

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Warm metallics such as gold make brown eyes glisten. The gold will highlight any yellow or gold tones in your eyes.

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Purple eyeshadow goes extremely well with brown eyes as it is the contrasting color on the color wheel. It is extremely universal and will pair with any color hair or skin tone.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes don't need much to make them pop. Pair your baby blues with warm colors to contrast the sky-blue shade in your eyes.

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A warm, orange, or coral color will draw attention to your blue eyes. It's not too dark to cover your eyes and is the perfect color that catches the glint in the iris.

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Purple eyeshadow is an eye-catching color that won't drown out your eye color. The purple, unlike blues and greens, will make your blue eyes stand out.

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A neutral, brown eyeshadow is a warm tone that will add depth against the lightness of blue eyes for a particularly striking finish.

Green Eyes

For green eyes you want to focus on any color with a red base rather than blue. A warmer red base make your green eyes greener.

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A shimmery brown shade is a great color to pair with green eyes so that it won't overpower your already-colorful eyes.

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A light purple pairs well if you are looking for a different color to take into the night.

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Warm bronze colors look beautiful with green eyes as it can bring out any warm tone flakes in the sea of green.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a multi-tonal eye color that don't need much to make them pop.

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A gold color intensifies the eye color and makes the flecks of green and gold standout.

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Earthy brown shadows go well with hazel eyes to enhance the richness of your eye color.

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Green eyeshadow will make the green in your hazel eyes pop.

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Eggplant, or a dark purple, brings you to the opposite side of the color wheel just like in brown eyes to make your eyes appear more golden.

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