The Make-Up Habits You Need to Break

The Make-Up Habits You Need to Break
Make-Up by Renata Alves dos Anjos

We all indulge in our own bad habits from time to time, but some of these bad make-up habits could be causing you a world of pain that's easily avoided. Poor routine and habits with make-up can cause a variety of issues, such as irritated skin and acne, the degradation of expensive products, and clogged pores. Getting into the habit of good make-up hygiene might end up changing your whole routine for the better! Read on to see if any of these practices sound familiar and what you can do to fix them!

Putting Make-Up on First Thing in the Morning

This practice sounds totally innocent, right? Well, you might want to wait a little bit on the make-up when you're waking up in the morning. Getting ready for school or work might be the first thing on your mind after waking up, but make sure to wash your face before putting on any make-up! Putting make-up on right away can trap in any oils or bacteria on your face collected overnight.

Hanging on to Make-Up for Too Long

Most people know better than to keep any kind of product for years on end as it will eventually degrade and get too old to use, however, a lot of us hang on to our favorite make-up products for a lot longer than is wise! The expiration dates on your make-up will depend on the product and the brand, but a general rule is three months for most make-up. Keep in mind if you've had any kind of infection on your face, you should dispose of any make-up that might still be carrying bacteria.
Keeping Make-Up on Overnight
Falling asleep with your make-up on is a common habit for a lot of us, but the extra few minutes it takes to clean that make-up off your face is definitely worth it for the health of your skin. By leaving your make-up on overnight, you're not allowing your face to breathe and it could be causing skin problems, so make sure to wash your face every night before bed. For the harder to remove cosmetics, pick up make-up remover towelettes to make your nightly routine go by a little faster. If you're not thrilled about the price tag with traditional make-up remover, any kind of hydrating lotion can actually work to quickly remove make-up.

Wetting Your Make-Up

While it might be tempting to throw a little water in with your mascara or to wash out your eye pencil, wetting your make-up can contribute to the growth of bacterias and molds on your makeup. For mascara, when it dries out, it's time to throw it away, but for eye pencils, a little sharpening will take care of any dirt or bacteria on the point. Lastly, always, always make sure to store your make-up in a dry, moisture-free environment to discourage the growth of mold!
Forgetting to Clean Your Applicators
Just like anything you put on your skin or body, you want to make sure your applicators are clean. For brushes involved in dry product such as blush, eyeshadow, powder, or bronzer, you can get away with cleaning them once a week, but for brushes that come into contact with liquid or cream products such as lipstick, gel liner, concealer and foundation, you're going to want to clean those after each and every use. This not only helps with overall hygiene, but product build up in your brushes can affect the way you're applying make-up, making your brushes harder to use.
Using Department Store Tester Make-Up
This might seem obvious, but some people directly apply department store or other displayed make-up directly onto their faces. Not only is this a health hazard to the user, but it's also hazardous to anyone who uses that same make-up thereafter. If you must try on beauty products prior to purchasing them, wipe them down first!
Sharing Your Make-Up
It seems natural to share your make-up with your sister or best friends, especially if you're used to sharing everything else, however, no matter how clean you know you and your friends are, sharing make-up can cause a host of hygiene issues, just based on the fact that everyone's body chemistry is different -- the bacteria that your bestie tolerates fine might cause skin issues for you, so make sure you keep your make-up totally private.

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