The Truth About Dark Circles and How to Deal With Them

The Truth About Dark Circles and How to Deal With Them

You may run and hide, you may try to sleep 12 hours a night, you may cover up with tons of concealer, but they are still there making you look like you are full of stress and running on 2 hours of sleep! The dreaded dark circles under our eyes, where do they come from? How do we get them to go away for good? Is there a permanent solution? We are going to try to give a bit of clarity here on the dark circles that plague many of us. Keep in mind while reading, you are beautiful even with those dark circles.

Where do they come from?

Genetics: Just like you are prone to acne, prone to being vertically challenged, or likely to have lighter hair color, dark circles under our eyes can sometimes be caused by our genetic make up. Sleep all you want, but those circles aren’t going to go away. According to Eye Health Web, when you have both a fair complexion and thinner skin, dark circles are more likely to appear under your eyes. The reasoning behind this is because the dark circles are actually pools of blood vessels that can be seen through thinner or fair skin.

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Allergies: Another common reason that dark circles appear under our eyes is allergies. You may sleep on your stomach during allergy season causing more blood to gather under your eyes or you may be rubbing and scratching your eyes as allergies cause them to itch and swell. According to, the inflammation from allergies actually cause our blood vessels under our eyes to expand, creating those dark circles.

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Age: The older you get, the more you may notice the dark circles under your eyes. The main reason behind this is our skin is getting thinner as we age. As we mentioned above, when your skin is thinner, you are more likely to see dark circles under your eyes.

Although there can be other reasons you may have dark circles under your eyes, these are the main three. Others reasons such as excessive sun exposure and extreme fatigue can also be taken into account. How do you fight the dark circles?

How To Deal?

Cold compress: Mayoclinic suggests using a cold compress to help reduce the swelled blood vessels. Try using a cold herb bag over your eyes or even bag of frozen vegetables. Try this before you go to bed at night.

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Extra pillows at night: Another simple solution is to prop your head up more at night. This will minimize the blood pools that are creating those dark circles.

Allergy medicines: If your dark circles are caused by allergies, try taking some medicine daily during allergy season. This will help with the allergy symptoms which will, in addition, help with your dark circles.

Sunscreen: You shouldn’t need dark circles under your eyes to start using sunscreen, but if you do have them, apply and remember to REAPPLY! Reducing your sun exposure can help reduce your dark circles. Even if you haven’t developed dark circles, use sunscreen daily! I can't stress how important this lotion is to your health. Even in the clouds, the winter, and in the rain, the sun still is up there shining down on us.

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