There is a Lost Episode of 'Friends' Where One of the Cast Members Dies!

There is a Lost Episode of 'Friends' Where One of the Cast Members Dies!
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That commotion you may have heard in the social media universe is the news that there is a lost episode out there in which one of television's most beloved characters dies. 

Although the comedy Friends ended its initial run twelve years ago, it still lives on today through reruns all over the world. As a mainstay of the '90s and '00s, the show was and continues to be a water cooler topic filled with theories and speculations that add an extra layer to its appeal. Everyone seems to have their favorite friend, everyone has their favorite featured cameo, and everyone now wants to know about this alleged "lost episode" in which Chandler Bing allegedly dies. 


Not so fast!

Fandemonium is once again in order in this instance, as the episode in question is actually the work of a fervent viewer, titled "The One Where Chandler Dies". Through the advent of technology, someone managed to edit together several episodes of the hit TV show, piecing the gang in Central Perk as the theme song plays in the background. Then it takes a comedic/tragic turn as Mr. Bing gets struck by an ice cream truck. For the rest of this "missing" episode, the rest of the cast reflect on Chandler and how they will move on following his untimely death. If you're expecting a song by Phoebe or sobbing by Monica and Joey, you might be right, but you won't know for certain until you watch this special edition as there is a surprise twist for an ending. 

As a fan-made version, the internet has been abuzz as to whether or not it does justice to the actual show. Surreal in nature and very strange viewing, there are lots of questions to be answered including how would the five remaining friends really behave if Bing left the building? True to the spirit of the show, however, the maker of these mini-episodes remembered to include his best friends not laughing at his jokes, which was the case in life as well. But with no 'Friends' reunion on the horizon, this will have to for now. But with Netflix resurrecting all sorts of shows these days, is it only a matter of time before we see Chandler Bing alive and well again?!

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