These Are the Skincare Techniques Women With Amazing Skin Never Skip!

These Are the Skincare Techniques Women With Amazing Skin Never Skip!

Yes it's true, some people are just blessed with smooth, luminous skin and some aren't. But people who really value their skin, try to treat it with care on a daily basis. There are the obvious vices that you should avoid like smoking, and using harsh chemical products. But here are a few tips that you MUST abide by if you want to maintain your healthy, glowing dermis. Just follow these pro skin tips to stay flawless!

1. They Always Wear SPF

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Not just in the summer, not just at the beach, but always! Wearing sunblock drastically reduces the effects of aging skin and keeps away the effects of cancer causing UV rays. Always use SPF 30 or higher, and definitely don't forget to reapply when you are outside for extended periods of time. Also remember that sunscreen expires, so re-up every season!

2. They Wash and Gently Exfoliate Regularly

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Women with great skin are diligent about their face washing routines. They never go to bed with a face full of makeup or dirt from the day's activities. They use gentle, non-toxic products that don't cause itching, redness or inflammation. Also, they exfoliate. This is important because the layer of dead-cells that live atop your face prevent the new skin underneath from glowing to their full potential.

3. They Get Plenty of Sleep

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Catching enough quality zzz's on a regular basis is a major factor in skin's health and appearance. Sleep affects inflammation and redness and overall skin quality. Not getting enough sleep can result in worsening any pre-existing skin conditions like acne and Rosacea. Laying down also helps your facial muscles rest so wrinkles may appear less pronounced in the morning.

4. They Drink A LOT of Water and NOT A Lot of Alcohol

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Drinking plenty of agua is an essential part of maintaining your overall health, and plays a large part in your skincare routine. Keep your skin dewy, hydrated and elastic with plenty of H20 every single day. Also, make an effort to avoid consuming excess alcohol because all that added sugar is a sure fire way to age your skin prematurely.

5. They Exercise Consistently

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Keeping up a regular workout routine is paramount to having healthy, glowing skin! Getting sweaty on a regular basis leads to that youthful glow you've been lusting after. People who work out at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, have been shown to have younger looking skin under a microscope.

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