This 8-Year-Old Boy Drove His 4-Year-Old Sister To McDonald's Because Of A Burger Craving

This 8-Year-Old Boy Drove His 4-Year-Old Sister To McDonald's Because Of A Burger Craving

Instead of having fun outside, scraping their knees by learning how to bike and playing tag, kids these days find entertainment through their phones, tablets and personal computers. Most are glued to their screens, watching YouTube video after YouTube video. But an 8-year-old boy from Ohio doesn't just watch videos for kids. In his spare time, he watches driving tutorials on YouTube. One day, he decided to put his learnings into practice, and drove to McDonald's with his 4-year-old sister.

It happened one Sunday night at around 8 in the evening. The young boy was craving a cheeseburger and noticed his parents were already asleep. He decided to take matters into his own hands and snuck out with his sister. They took their father's van and drove to their happy place: McDonald's. 

According to Fox 8, the boy managed to drive a mile through four intersections AND a railroad track, making multiple turns in the process. And the most surprising thing of all, witnesses say the boy obeyed all traffic laws and even followed the speed limit! 

When approached by the police, the boy burst into tears (he didn't mean to cause any trouble) and told the officers that he simply wanted a cheeseburger. 

Fortunately, the rebel duo got what they wanted. They were treated to cheeseburgers, fries AND chicken nuggets while they waited for their grandparents to arrive and take them to the police station.

Officer Koehler told The Weirton Daily Times that it was not a case of neglect. "The boy and his sister had already eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner that day, but he still really wanted that cheeseburger," he said.


All's well that ends well! No one was injured and no charges were filed. You can't blame the kids for doing it, really. If you were hit with a powerful craving for meat, you'd do anything to get it, won't you?

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