This Dog Escapes The Animal Hospital In The Most Genius Jailbreak Of All Time

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I have always thought that dogs were smarter than we thought them to be. I mean, is that not the subject of The Secret Life of Pets? While some dogs are most definitely very dumb, others seem to have their life together. Just the other day, I learned that my dog can roll over on command. When did he learn that? Where was I when this happened? A plethora of questions popped into my brain.

However, General, a Great Pyrenees, also goes by the name "little Houdini" because he is an escape artist extraordinaire. His owners know that he is able to escape from essentially any room, cage, or house, and have come to accept this inquisitive side of him. 

 When they left for a trip, General was given to the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital for a few days. Either his parents did not tell the hospital or the hospital underestimated General's smarts because General proved that he is one of the greatest escape artists of all time. "Little Houdini" is probably an understatement. 

Placed in his own space, a glass cage next to other dogs, General was secured by a locked door that could only be opened with opposable thumbs. Or that is what the hospital thought. General made his way out of that door and to the door of the room itself. He pulled on the handle with his mouth, making his way into a small corridor where he opened a door with his mouth again. 

As General traveled through the halls of the hospital, he sniffed some food and looked around before coming up another door that led to the outside. Opening that, General was free and was spotted on the sidewalk outside. 

"Little Houdini" was free for a whole nineteen hours before local police found him sitting in a grassy area near the hospital. General was just enjoying some sunshine with his freedom. Who can blame him? Dogs will be dogs. 

While any dog parent would be upset by the lackadaisical security by the hospital, General's parents cannot really blame the hospital. General knows how to open doors which is WAY more than any other dog can do. 

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