This Is Why Certain People Are So Noisy In Bed

This Is Why Certain People Are So Noisy In Bed

At some point, you've experienced the moment where you're lying in bed and then the moaning begins. Except it's not coming from you but rather your upstairs neighbor who is having sex very loudly. No matter how hard you try and how high the music is turned up, you literally can hear every orgasm they're having. Afterward, you're probably wondering why some people have to be so damn loud in bed. Well, there is a reason why.

In almost every TV show or porn, women tend to have the perfect "O" face during an orgasm while they're moaning. Is this verbal excitement because of the release of adrenaline, or from the uncontrollable pleasure that can't be handled? Researchers have been putting their mind to the moan to figure out why women can be so loud in bed.

For the most part, it's not any bodily sensation that makes women moan, but rather boosting a partner's ego. It's usually during build up or foreplay that women are verbal for themselves because they're getting excited. Often during orgasms women tend to be silent because that pressure is being released. Many women admit that they moan during sex to encourage their man to climax not because they are actually reaching a climax. It makes sense when you think of how many women fake orgasms just to please their partner. Take The Ugly Truth as an example, when Gerard Butler explains to Katherine Heigl that she has to fake it to boost her boyfriend's ego. 

Truth be told it's a lousy thing to do because, in the end, it only hurts you. Of course, if you are enjoying yourself you should yell, shout, do whatever you desire, but if you're faking an orgasm or moaning for your partner's pleasure, then you're giving him the wrong message. Basically, you're telling him he's doing something right when in fact he's not. In When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan explains that men can't tell if women are faking it – so if you're faking it, he'll think you are enjoying the sex more than you are. 

It's not wrong to encourage your man a little but if you were to verbalize what you are enjoying and show him what to do, both of you would have a better sexual experience. Then you would be noisy for all the right reasons!

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