This Is Officially The WORST Pregnancy Announcement In History

This Is Officially The WORST Pregnancy Announcement In History
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Pregnancy announcement videos seem pretty foolproof. Who wouldn't be excited to find out their having a new addition to the family. Well, there's a lot of people who might not be thrilled to be pregnant, but then they wouldn't be making a video, would they?

It's so cute seeing dads or other family member react to the big news. Why let that precious moment go undocumented?

Well, it doesn't always come out cute. When I was a kid, we tried to make an announcement video of my dad learning he was going to have another kid. We saw so many funny ones on America's Funniest Home Videos, we thought to try it ourselves. (This was the '90s, we're taking it old school, kids.) My mom and I printed a big banner that said "Is it a boy or a girl?" that my dad would see as he walked in the door. The 10 lb video camera was on my moms shoulder and we were ready for video gold.

My dad came home, looked at the banner and said "What does that mean?" in a totally unimpressed way. You can hear my 7-year-old self sarcastically say, "It means we're getting a dog, Dad, what do you think it means?" He finally figured it out and was happy about it, but no jumping, screaming, falling to the floor, or anything else that would have warranted space on a VHS.

This family had it a million times worse. I mean, this truly couldn't have been any crappier.

The mom is recording from the front seat with her two younger daughters in the back. She says "Mommy has a baby in her belly" and immediately the older girl cries out "NOOOO!!!" She legit was pissed. The girl falls back into her seat with sadness and rage.

"That wasn't the reaction I was expecting," says the mom. The other girl is pretty excited and asks if it'll be a boy. Then there's a bit of silence as the older girl tries to calm down.

Then, we hear a loud "thud." "Did you just hit a dog?" the mom asks the dad. "It was already in the road," said the not-having-a good-day dad.

Yep, they ran over a dog. It sounds like the dead dog was already in the road and the dad couldn't avoid it. The Mom was pissed though, insisting there must have been a way to not re-roadkill the dog. She says to the dad,"You ruined the video."

Girl, that video was alTready ruined. At least your husband gave it an interesting ending.

Take this as a warning, folks. You might want to keep your pregnancy announcements simple and watch out for dead dogs in the road.

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