Ways to Get Exercise That Don't Involve a Gym

Ways to Get Exercise That Don't Involve a Gym
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For one reason or another, not everybody feels comfortable going to a gym. Some people find them to be intimidating, due to the large number of ultra-buff people who inhabit them on a daily basis. Some people find them to be dirty, do to the fact that there are hundreds of people sweating all over the machines all day. Some people find the machines to be just plain old boring. The gym can be a great option for getting your workout in, but we want you to know, it's not your only option. Here are a few other fantastic ways you can get exercise without stepping foot into a gym.

1. Hiking and Trail Running

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Hiking is a magnificent way to get in your cardio and strength. Climbing through high elevation with a steep incline does amazing things to your core, legs, and backside. Hiking is one of the most enjoyable ways to get exercise while appreciating the natural landscape. If you're lucky enough to have an athletic dog, bring him along for company! After a bit of practice, you can move on to trail running!

2. Swimming

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You can choose to swim in the ocean, lake, or a public pool. Swimming is an excellent full body workout. Every muscle in your body is getting resistance training, and as swimmers will tell you, laps are exhausting. Just remember to take it slow and focus on your breathing.

3. Team Sport

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You're not to old to join a team sport! If you used to play softball, soccer, or tennis, why not consider taking it up again? Sports are such an enjoyable way to bond with friends, have a laugh, and get in your much needed cardio. Even of you weren't sporty in high-school, there are plenty of adult kickball leagues that don't expect you to be Hope Solo, they just expect you to have a good time and try your hardest!

4. Workout Videos

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With the proliferation of all manner of free online workout videos, why not consider getting in your daily workout in the comfort of your own living room? If you prefer pilates, HIIT, kickboxing, or yoga, you'll never run out of available online options.

5. Power Walking/Jogging

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If you love to jog or run, great, we say go for it. Jogging is a great exercise that requires no equipment, only the use of your own two legs. If you're not much of a jogger, begin by starting an hour power walk daily, and try to build up to a slow jog eventually. Maybe you have a friend who would love to start the challenge with you. Plus there are plenty of apps out there like Couch to 5K that can get you started on the right track.

6. Cycling

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Bicycling is such a fantastic and efficient way to get exercise. It allows you to travel long distances while getting in your daily sweat session. Plus you'll get to invest in all that cool Spandex and biker gear that looks so fun and fancy! Start out with the basics on your own, or join a cycling group in your neighborhood and start going on road races or trail rides.

7. Surfing

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If you're lucky enough to live near the ocean, why not take full advantage of all the wild waves have to offer? Surfing is a cool, and exciting workout that not only teaches balance, but takes great core strength and coordination. Also, there is this new trend of yoga classes being taught on surf boards so why not try out one of those classes if you can find one in your area?

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